A Message from Nicola Lawson, Owner & Founder

Time for some transparency…

Approximately a year ago, we had come to the decision to list our business and commercial property for sale. This was something we agonized over for months but felt, at the time, it was the right decision. Many of you – our clients, supporters and friends, saw the listing and have asked about it over the past year.

Looking back on last year, and reflecting on why we came to the decision to sell, in the first place, the reality was this…

The day-to-day struggle and exhausting grind that was demanded of us to get through the Covid era in this industry, starting in March of 2020, took an incredible toll on myself, and our hard-working General Manager, Krista Fehr. We had an ongoing cycle of bookings and subsequent cancellations; we spent month after month dreaming up and refining home-based specials and packages, and bringing the focus of our historically successful, efficient and trend-forward Catering business in an entirely different direction, as was necessary to stay afloat. As I stated many times, to those who asked how we were doing, I kept it simple: When your business is built on preparing food for group gatherings, and the government has restricted groups from gathering, we definitely had our struggles. We lost some key employees that had been an integral part of our team for years. That broke my heart. We had less staff and yet, had to do more, offer more, pivot more, create more, with less hands.

On account of our endless efforts, we came out strong, yes, and we rebuilt our business and filled our calendar again, as our city slowly began booking events, parties and celebrations. Weddings were back. And while it felt wonderful, the toll it took on us was not in the past. We carried a weight that the 2 rollercoaster years of anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration had firmly placed on our shoulders.

So, with much consideration, having steered the business through the storm, and bringing it back firmly into the black, and with a year ahead full of bookings, we had made the decision to list.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to pass. While we did have some interest, we did not find a suitable buyer that we could trust to pass on a business so lovingly and steadfastly grown over the last 2 decades. After a few months on the market, we decided to remove the listing. After the decision not to sell, we felt a true sense of renewed purpose, paired with a new resolve to forge ahead.

In the meantime, we have been blessed beyond measure with the addition of some wonderful employees who have helped give us a fresh new perspective, vital new energy, and have brought with them a true passion for the culinary arts, catering and hospitality.

We took time to re-assess, take some down-time, and a look back on the years of blessings, growth and change, and ultimately renew. Earlier this year, we enjoyed an international Catering Convention with our culinary team, down in Austin, Texas. We have enjoyed lots of team-building time at local events and concerts, dinners out together and other fun culinary adventures. We’ve prioritized US as a team, improving the morale and opening the doors to more suggestions and fresh ideas within our staff.


We are here, Saskatoon, for all your catering needs – and we aren’t going anywhere!

I, personally, cannot thank you all enough for your support, encouragement and appreciation for all we do.



Nicola Lawson, Founder and Owner,
PickNic’s Catering