Large Group Special Event Menu
Option B – Barbecue Dinner

Prices Are Per Person.

Available From May to September Only.

All Meals Are Accompanied with Cheddar & Herb Biscuits plus one Choice of Potato/Rice/Starch, Our Signature Field Mix Salad  & Two Additional Salads.

Our BBQ chef will be on-site to manage the BBQ cooking for the event if group size is 75+. Otherwise, the onsite chef charge of $35/hr will apply, or food can be sent out freshly BBQ’d and ready to eat.

If the venue where your Event is held at does not have a BBQ, ours can be supplied for an additional $100.00 charge.

Note: If two entrée choices are desired, the price will be $6.00 per person additional to the higher priced menu item (i.e. Steak + Chicken= $27.00 + $6.00 = $33.00/person). You will then receive an Additional Entree (Meat) Option and an Additional Potato/Rice/Starch Option.


Please select one Potato/Rice/Starch


All meals are accompanied by our Signature Field Mix Salad with Gravelbourg Mustard Vinaigrette.
Please select 2 additional choices.


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