PickNic’s Catering & Fine Foods Dish Rentals

Please note rentals are only available when combined with our catering services

Dish Rental

Fees are currently as follows (though subject to change):

  • Dinner Plates $0.65/item
  • Other Dishes $0.50/item – Salad, Dessert, Appetizer, Soup Bowl
  • Cutlery $0.35/item – Fork, Knife, Spoon, Dessert Forks, & Teaspoons
  • Wine Glasses $0.55 each
  • Coffee Cups $0.45 each
  • Water/Punch Glasses $0.45 each
  • Champagne Flutes $0.95 each
  • Beer Glasses $0.85 each
  • Martini Glasses $0.95 each


The delivery of your rental dishes to your venue is an additional charge ($25-$50 depending on size of dish order and location of your venue).

Please inform us if you’d prefer to pick up your dish rentals and if so, please specify a pick up time/date.

PickNic’s is not responsible for the table set-up. Most groups prefer to set tables the evening before the wedding.

For buffet-style dinners, it is recommended to have the dinner plates on the buffet table, so that guests are not required to carry plates to buffet line.

Following your meal, if you have chosen to have service staff on-site, we will take care of clearing dinner dishes (plates and cutlery) from the tables, however beverage containers (cups, mugs, wine glasses) will be the client’s responsibility to clear and return to PickNic’s (unwashed) , as it is anticipated that they will be in use for the duration of the evening.


Cake and Cupcake Stand Rentals

10x10cakestand 10″ Square Cake Stand: $15

24cupcakestand24 Cupcakes Stand: $15

cakestand1212″ Round Cake Stand: $15

6tieredcupcake6 Tier Cupcake Stand $45

12cakestand bevelled12″ Square Beveled Cake Stand $25

7tieredcupcake7 Tier Cupcake Stand : $40

18cakestand round18″ Round Cake Stand : $40