Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake-Elegant 3 tier white with roses on top
Wedding Cake-3 tier buttercream
Wedding Cake-3 tier-mr and mrs
Wedding Cake-Purple with white base and green flowers
Weddng Cake-White 4 tier with pink carnations

Gourmet Signature Cakes

Berry Fantasy
The freshest, fruitiest cake we could dream up! Layers of Strawberry sponge, Black Currant preserves, Local Saskatoon Berry filling, Raspberry Buttercream and rich White Chocolate Mousse make this cake the stuff of sweet fantasies!

Our Famous Jamaican Banana Cake, baked with Coconut, Brown Sugar and Rum meets layers of Malibu cream cheese filling and crunchy bits of Coconut Brittle! You’ll get your groove back with this Tempting Tropical Tease!

No flavour substitutions are permitted on the above Signature cakes – they come exactly as described


Build-Your-Own Cake

Note: Each Tier can be a Different Combination of Sponge Flavour and Filling Flavour.
The Coating Icing (ie. Buttercream or Fondant) covers over all types of cakes the same way, so from the outside you do not see the variation of Sponge flavours and Fillings.

Sponge Flavours:

Jamaican Banana Coconut Rum, Red Velvet, Blue Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble, Neopolitan (Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry), Carrot, Toffee Chip (contains almonds), Lemon (with or without Poppyseed), Vanilla Confetti, Strawberry, Almond, Raspberry, Orange, Coconut.

Filling Flavours:

Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream,Vanilla Cream Cheese,White Chocolate Mousse,Chocolate Mousse, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, Strawberry Buttercream, Raspberry Buttercream, Orange Creamsicle Buttercream, Amaretto Truffle, Mocca Buttercream, Blue Raspberry Buttercream, Hazelnut Buttercream, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Caramel Buttercream.

Coating: Choice of Buttercream or Fondant

Buttercream is typically vanilla (creamy white tone) or if you’d like a brown exterior, we can prepare a chocolate buttercream to coat your cake. We do not tint our buttercream any other colour as food colouring can react with the butter and often turn colour as they sit.

If Fondant is desired, it can be left its natural white tone, or can be tinted to any colour desired. If we are tinting the fondant for an all-over-colour, we require a colour swatch to match to. Even still, some small variation from the desired colour may occur as food is not a perfect science, and humidity plus room temperature can cause unforeseen changes.

Cake Pedestal:
Take your cake to the next level by displaying it one of our gorgeous cake pedestals. Check our RENTAL page for prices and pictures.


Wedding Cupcakes

If you envision a lovely array of Cupcakes for your Wedding we would love to create them for you!

Cupcakes begin in price at $2.50 each. If you would like your cupcakes to have a fancy finish which requires more attention than a standard piped icing, price may go up slightly, rarely ever more than $3.00 each.

Please consider emailing us a picture (or 2 or 3!) of cupcakes designs you have in mind.

We have many cupcake stands that are available for rent.


Buttercream Finished Cakes*:

  • 2-Tier $200 & Up
  • 3-Tier $350 & Up
  • 4-Tier $450 & Up
  • 5-Tier $600 & Up
  • 6-Tier $700 & Up

Price is affected by the following:
Round Tiers are less costly than Square Tiers
The more intricate the desired design, the more costly the cake.
*Rolled Fondant Finished Cakes are an additional $100.00, GST of 5% is added to all cakes.

Wedding Cake Serving Chart

The Servings Chart is based on slices substantial enough in size for use as your main dessert.
If the wedding cake is NOT your main dessert, you can get away with ordering for less portions than your total group size, as not everyone may have cake. (ie. 70% of total group size is likely adequate). This guideline does not guarantee servings per cake, as cutting size is out of our control.

Round Cakes
No. of Tiers Suggested Sizes and Approximate Servings per Combination

2-Tier 6” + 9” (Feeds~30) 8” + 12”(Feeds ~45) 10” +14”(Feeds~70)
3-Tier 6”,9”,12”(Feeds~75) 6”,10”,14”(Feeds~90) 8”,11”,14”(Feeds~ 100)
4-Tier 6”,8”,10”,12”(Feeds~110) 5”, 8”, 11”,14”(Feeds~140)  
5-Tier 6“, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” (Feeds~160)    
6-Tier 6“, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” (Feeds~200)    

Square Cakes
No. of Tiers Suggested Sizes and Approximate Servings per Combination

2-Tier 6” + 9” (Feeds~40) 8” + 12”(Feeds ~60) 10” +14”(Feeds 90)
3-Tier 6”,9”,12”(Feeds~100) 6”,10”,14”(Feeds~120) 8”,11”,14”(Feeds~ 130)
4-Tier 6”,8”,10”,12”(Feeds~140) 5”, 8”, 11”,14”(Feeds~180)  
5-Tier 6“, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” (Feeds~210)    
6-Tier 6“, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” (Feeds~260)    

Booking your Wedding Cake Online

If you would like to book your cake online or have us prepare a quote, please email us with the following information:

1. A Picture of the Cake
2. Number of Tiers
3. Round or Square (If Square: Stacked Straight OR Middle Tier twisted horizontally at a 45′ angle)
4. Size of Tiers (use our Servings Chart)
5. Coating Choice (Buttercream or Fondant)
6. Flavour of Sponge and Flavour of Filling FOR EACH LAYER. We always consider Tier #1 to be the TOP TIER (flavours do not NEED to be confirmed initially if you are not sure, as this will not affect price)
7. Date of Delivery and Location of Delivery
8. Time of Delivery (we usually deliver mid-afternoon for a standard wedding reception with a cocktail hour that starts at 5 or 6 PM) Please specify if it is otherwise.
9. Your contact info, include your phone number, and include a cell number of someone we can reach for any “Day-Of” questions or concerns
10. Sampling Option: If you would like to have some cakes to sample, please inform us two days in advance of desired Pick Up Time. Please choose a maximum of 3 Sponge flavours and 3 Filling Flavours. We will have them ready for you to pick up for your desired date and time. There is no charge for sampling.

Wedding Cake Consultation

If you prefer a consultation here in our store, please email or call to book. Consultations usually last half an hour or less, if you have the majority of the questions above answered.
Cake Samples: If you would like to have some cakes to sample at this time, please inform us two days in advance. Please choose a maximum of 3 Sponge flavours and 3 Filling Flavours. We will have them ready for your sampling at this time. There is no charge for sampling.

Finalizing your Wedding Cake Booking

Once you have received your quote and would like to book with us, We require a credit card number to book your wedding cake and secure the date. While a deposit is not required, a cancellation fee of $100.00 will apply (on credit card provided) if the cancellation is within 6 months of the wedding date. If the cancellation is within 14 days of the wedding date, the full amount, as quoted, will be charged. We can only manage a limited number of cakes on any one weekend, so please book early for summer weddings, to avoid disappointment.



All ribbons, flowers and any other decorative items (i.e. cake toppers, monograms) are to be provided by client. Fresh Flowers are to be received by noon the day before the cake is required. All other items are to be received no earlier than two (2) weeks in advance and no later than two (2) days ahead of date of order.

Delivery is available and recommended for cakes 3 tiers and larger. We can deliver 2-tiered cakes, but these are easily packed for pick up as well. Cakes can be packaged for driving up to 5 hours away. A vehicle with a flat base surface is REQUIRED for optimum transportation – the back seat of your car is not a good option!

Delivery Prices are as Follows:

Downtown Core $25.00
Citywide (within the city limits) $35.00
Outside of City Limits**: $35.00 + $2.00/km

**We reserve the right to choose not to deliver more than 15 km out of town on summer weekends, due to high volumes of deliveries.