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Now…. let’s talk about cakes! Whether for a wedding or special occasion, to a corporate event, to a simple birthday celebration, Picknic’s Catering and Fine Foods will bake up a dream for you! All of your favourites including chocolate, vanilla, carrot and red velvet to Gourmet Signature Cakes like Hazelnut Temptation where marble sponge cake is layered lusciously with hazelnut caramel mousse, praline filling, chocolate buttercream & toffee crunch. Or how about Jamaican-me-Nuts- Picknic’s famous Jamaican banana cake, baked with coconut, brown sugar and rum meets layers of Malibu cream cheese filling and crunchy bits of coconut brittle!

Incredible creativity and delectable flavor await your taste buds at Picknic’s!

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Did you see a photo of a cake that inspired you or did you take a photo of a beautiful cake at a recent event and you’d like to duplicate it? At PickNic’s we LOVE a challenge and we know a custom cake is sure to be the talk of your party!

Let your imagination rule!





For our basic cakes choose from a variety of sizes, flavours, fillings, and more!

                                      Our Standard Finish consists of a Buttercream Coat, Shell Piped Border and Seasonal Fruit Garnish.

                                                                                           A Custom Inscription can also be included. 

New Gourmet Signature Cakes!

Berry Fantasy

The freshest, fruitiest cake we could dream up! Layers of Strawberry sponge, Black Currant Preserves, Local Saskatoon berry filling, Raspberry Buttercream and rich White Chocolate Mousse make this cake the stuff off sweet fantasies!

Hazelnut Temptation
If you love Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you will go crazy for this cake! With layers of Hazelnut Caramel Mousse, Praline Filling, Chocolate Buttercream, Marble Sponge and Toffee Crunch, this confection will have you longing for a second slice!

Lemon Crush
A light and moist lemon sponge cake with citrus mousse, raspberry coulis, Cointreau-soaked lady fingers, tangy lemon curd, and hints of candied ginger layered in a symphony of palate-pleasing perfection!

With Belgian chocolate Ganache drizzling down over a rich chocolate mousse, premium Dutch-chocolate cake and a Chocolate Cookie Crunch filling, recovering chocoholics will be sent straight back to rehab after this naughty number!

Our famous Jamaican banana cake baked with coconut, brown sugar, and rum meets layers of Malibu cream cheese filling and crunchy coconut brittle. You’ll go crazy, mon!

The Salted Pig

Chocolate cake layered with Rich Peanut Butter Cream Cheese icing, Salted Caramel, house-made Candied Bacon, all wrapped up in a Chocolate Buttercream coating drizzled with Toffeed Peanut Butter glaze and crunchy roasted peanuts and more Candied Bacon.

Cake Type: Price: Serving Size:
12″ Round $75 25 People
12×16 Slab $110 40 People
16×24 Slab $170 80 People


A Delightful dessert for any event, our Custom Cupcakes are sure to Please!

  • Must be ordered by the Dozen(s)
  • Minimum 6 (Half Dozen) of any Flavour Combination (a sponge flavour plus and icing flavour) i.e. 6 Chocolate Sponge with Strawberry Buttercream & 6 Vanilla with Lemon Buttercream.
  • $30.00 per Dozen

Please choose from the following flavours:

Sponge: Chocolate, Carrot, Vanilla, Vanilla Confetti, Toffee Chip (contains trace almonds), Lemon (add poppyseeds).

Icing: Vanilla Buttercream, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, Chocolate Buttercream, Strawberry Buttercream, Vanilla Cream Cheese, Raspberry Buttercream, White Chocolate Mousse, Orange Creamsicle Buttercream, Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Buttercream, Hazelnut Buttercream, Blue Raspberry Buttercream.

Trifle Bowls

All Trifle Bowls are $45.00 and feed approximately 15 people. 

Please choose from the following flavours:

Citrus Tequila, Apple Caramel Custard, Raspberry Chocolate, Saskatoon Berry White Chocolate, After Eight, Mandarin Mocha, Chocolate Banana Cream, Lemon Ginger, Chocolate Cherry Rum, Traditional, Jamaican Banana Rum, Turtle

Bread Pudding

All bread puddings include Vanilla Whipped Cream for topping. 

  • Small $35 (Feeds 10 People)
  • Large $50 (Feeds 20 People)

Please choose from the following flavours:

Caramel Apple Pecan, Cranberry White Chocolate, Jamaican Banana Rum



Cheesecakes are priced as follows:

  • 9” Round $55.00 (Feeds 15)
  • 12” Round $75.00 (Feeds 25)
  • 12 x 16 Slab $110.00 (Feeds 40)
  • 16 x 24 Slab $170.00 ( 80)

Please choose from the following flavours:

Devil’s Double Chocolate, Turtle Temptation, Raspberry White Chocolate, Lemon Ginger, Chocolate Cherry Rum, Midnight Mint (Excellent For Christmas), Strawberry Peach, Pina Colada, New York Style (With Side of 2 Fruit Toppings), Banana Decadence, Bavarian Apple


A delectable meringue topped with White Chocolate Mousse and loaded with fresh seasonal fruit and berries!  Available in a group or individual sized portions.

  • Whole (12″ Round) $40.00 – Serves 12
  • Individual (4″ Round) $3.95 – Min. 1 Dozen

Dainties Platter

Enjoy a variety of PickNic’s House-made Dainties selection.  Featuring seasonal delights, always prepared with the finest ingredients from scratch.  Includes 2 – 3 bite-sized portions per person.  Cost is $2.25/person, trayed up, wrapped, and ready to go.


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