Large Group Special Event Menu
Option A –
Classic Dinner Buffet

Prices are per Person.

Each entrée comes with: Choice of Potato/Rice/Starch, One Hot Vegetable, Our Signature Field Mix Salad  & Two Additional Salads, Buns & Butter Basket. 

Note: This menu is designed for Buffet –Style.  If you wish to have a plated dinner, please view our Wedding & Celebration Menu

Choose Your Entrée

Note: If two entrée choices are desired, the price will be $6.00 per person additional to the higher priced menu item (i.e. Turkey & Ham = $25.00 + $6.00 = $31.00/person). You will then receive an Additional Entree (Meat) Option and an Additional Potato/Rice/Starch Option.

Choose one Potato / Rice / Starch option

Choose one Hot Vegetable Option


All meals are accompanied by our Signature Field Mix Salad with Gravelbourg Mustard Vinaigrette.
Please select 2 additional choices.


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